What to do while you’re obsessing about decisions

Back in the day, the stress of waiting for EA results caused me to psychologically regress to being five years old.

Our school was on winter break, so I had nothing to do. To distract myself, I played around 200 games of Gadsgadsgame of Neopets. It was fun. I’m not ashamed.

Here’s some ideas for distracting yourself:

  • Read a book. Not a serious book, but a funny book for kids. I recommend Ramona Quimby or Wayside Stories.
  • Do something with your hands, like origami or cooking.
  • Torment your younger siblings, if you have any. Squeeze them and tell them that they’re your human stress ball. Tell them that they’re not allowed to complain because this is the biggest moment of your life (even though it’s really not).
  • Play a dumb game you used to play. This could be Neopets or Minecraft or Mario Kart.
  • Do some jumping jacks to get that nervous energy out.
  • Online shop for pity-gifts to buy yourself if you get rejected. I like to do this because then there’s a positive outcome no matter the admissions decision.

Hope this helps 😛


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